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World Table Poker - Texas Hold'em Tournament

4.6 ( 6976 ratings )
Desporto Jogos Ficha Casino
Developer: Senga Games, LLC

This is Texas Holdem at its finest. World Table Poker is a multi-player, real time, poker tournament with players from around the world. This can be a very intense and stressful game if you are really into playing with the pros.
If youre not in to the big time tournaments, theres also the casual sit, play a few hands, than go or come back later. Different pace to choose from based on your comfort level. Slow, Normal, or Fast.

Play Live with friends. This is a totally true online Poker game.

Weve created the casino atmosphere here. If youre in the mood for a little change, play Hi-Lo cards or just relax to some Scratch and Win mini games.

~~BIG FREEBIE - Sign in with Facebook and get $100,000 Bonus Chips~~

- Sit-n-Go or Tournament play!
- Choose 5 or 9 player table or let the app automatically choose a table for you.
- Statistics tracker, check your ratios such as Bets, Call, Fold, Hand Win, Hold Pre-Flop
- FREE massive chip bonuses each time you win a Tournament!
- Win streak bonuses (you can purchase double the chips for the same price if you win 3 hands in a row)
- Facebook Sign-in with Facebook profile pic as your avatar. Invite friends to join.

Never wait for a table.
This is probably the best poker game youll find. And its smoke free!

~~Network Requirements: A network connection is necessary to play. Youll see your network connection status while youre sitting at the table. Try to get as good a connection as possible. A Poor internet connection can disrupt or cause you to be removed from a table.

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